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June 14, 2005
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Heart by ser Heart by ser
If you look closely enough, you'll find a heart.

Heh.. my mom bought me this little glass heart last time i went home and i can't stop playing with it. It's true though.. if you look hard enough, closely enough, you'll find a heart. Whether it's your own, or someone else's... thats up to you, eh?
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justoriginal Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009
nice shot!!!
marieissah Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008
You were featured in my journal.. Hope you don't mind! =>Spread the LOVE<=
AxelHeartless Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2007
ohhh. I want a heart.... and a mom too ;_;

:P Nice pic btw
esquared Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2006
Awwww. This is really pretty and cute. ^_^ I'm lovin it. I like the concept. ^_^ Colors are really pretty, too. :D
Ponyslut Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2005  Professional Photographer
Very cute concept! :)
joanyy Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2005
how original! I like the colors!
LoveSoup Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2005  Hobbyist
that's so cool XD *wants one
lethal-wings Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2005
Pretty. :D
Helewidis Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2005   Photographer
Hi there, Grace! :wave:

How are ya? I haven’t seen any new work from yours in a while. Had the exams and paper-works go over only now? :O Anyway, c ya on msn later… for now I’ll only say that I loved this photo that you’ve made.

I like to think that this heart is the model of your character’s heart in works like “Greed”. You want always more, hun? So much more that now you are even taking photographs of hearts! ;)

I loved how you placed it in the middle of something natural, like a plant. I agree with the message, our hearts are the most natural thing, because we are made from the same thing, we all are made of stars of carbonates, or energy, as you wish to nominate it… and with hearts we can breathe and live.. and how can we live without love (that is also represented by hearts)? Hum? :hug:

Luv ya! :heart:

Eloísa Valdes
ser Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey girl!
i keep missing you on msn and i don't know why.. bad timing i guess. i've been busy, and lazy so no new work... the photo only took 10 minutes so it wasnt too hard to make? (yes.. that lazy). I have midterms and papers due soon again, i really hate school - especially in the SUMMER. its' not fair!
the heart.. well when i saw it in the shop, i wanted it because it looked so much like the hearts i always draw - which is why my mom bought it for me, i guess.
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